Do You Want to Grow Your School, but you are struggling with the lack of real business systems and management tools it takes, which is making you feel frustrated, uncertain and unclear? Do you have that overpowering sense of "I know deep down that I am meant to do more, be more, and achieve more" but you just can't seem to get there?

I understand what you are going through and I have helped 1000's of school owners in 3 countries over the past 15 years that felt the same way you do by teaching and leading them with proven martial arts industry business systems that show you how to grow your school, increase revenue, and retain a high percentage of students.  No more do my clients lose out on opportunities, they are taking full advantage of their business and are living the lifestyle they deserve and they never have to worry about any competition again.

Over the past 20 years, I have gone from living in my office at my school, taking a shower each morning at power house gym, and struggling to the point of thinking of closing my school altogether to now leading one of the world largest martial arts organization and successful consulting companies. I have lived it, made it, and now I am ready to share it and give back to a select number of school owners.

Are you tired of paying crazy money for tools and services that aren't getting you any results, tired of random information that leaves you more confused than when you started, tired of no systems and structure to your business, tired of billing companies taking your money and giving nothing in return, I am now offering the total package, tools, and systems that will guarantee your future success in our industry?

Are you ready for a never before offered opportunity? One that will give you the management tools and systems necessary for you to not only grow your business but will have you working ON your business, instead of IN your business. You will finally begin living the life of an entrepreneur and not just a martial arts instructor/owner. 

I understand that one of the biggest challenges school owners run into is balancing investing in themselves to improve classes, staff training, sales processes, upgrades and overall quality against investing in base costs to just exist... which has shut down many schools across the world.

This why I have worked out a business arrangement with Studio Pro martial arts management software that will bring you all you will need to own and operate the martial arts organization of your dreams. In the past, it has cost owners minimum of $1000 per month to receive my consulting, coaching and business systems.  And for years’ owners have been giving up as much as 10% of their monthly gross revenue to billing companies, that's tens of thousands of dollars yearly, which has always been insane for the lack of services and benefits they provide. But now cost will never hold you back again from getting the right information and tools you need to grow your school. 

I have been very blessed and the martial arts industry has been very good to me, and now it is time to GIVE BACK!

Ok, Ok, I'll get to the point. What is the Total Package you ask? 

To a select number of owners that are ready for massive change and results, 

I am now able to offer FREE Studio Pro Martial Arts Management and Billing Software ( for my Business Maximizer Consulting Program ( for the low price of ONLY $199/mo. That's right you will get simple and effective management software and my proven business system for this never before, and what some will say is a crazy price! The price that others are paying for software alone! You will save Thousands of Dollars a Year to reinvest in knowledge and systems and Make Tens of Thousands More Per Year!

My new Business Maximizer program will give you the management, marketing, sales, instructor and staff training and much more to enable you to operate the most profitable, successful, and community empowering martial arts studio in your area.

With my Biz Max consulting program, you not only get resources to improve your business and learn how to increase your bottom line but you get billing software FREE!! Spending less money than you would on a billing company to get REAL resources for your business.

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Now your billing software is free.... no monthly charge, no statement fees, no variable interest rates, no up charge, no service fee. Just reliable software to run your business!!

A software is a necessary tool for managing any business, and Studio Pro is designed especially for the martial arts industry. Studio Pro allows owner to market their school, manage their classes, bill their students, easily track and analysis their statistics, and track their goals and progress all in one place, giving the owner more time to spend focusing on the other important aspects of their business, like great classes, sign ups, student retention, the six areas of income generation, and staff development.

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And all of that for Only $199 per month! THERE REALLY ARE NO EXCUSES NOW!

I am now offering the first 100 owners this amazing opportunity. If you want it...the best information, the best systems, and the best tools, please provide the requested information below and we will contact you to discuss if this offer is right for you and your business. 


"The last ad I ran from Mr. Van Over's Online Igniter Facebook marketing program, I spent $100 to run the ad for a week. In one week we got almost $1200 in paid trials. That's a huge ROI and it's not even including money made off enrollments. The ad was totally self-liquidating and has now created revenue that can be reinvested into more advertising. That's just one small example of the power of organized, systematic social media marketing offered by Mr. Van Over."    - Joe Osborn, Brantford Ontario Canada.

"Mr. Van Over is the Tony Robbins of the martial arts industry!"  -  Jeffery Bear, Chicago Ill. 

"We tried another franchising and consulting company and that was a nightmare! However, we decided to give one of our twelve locations a try with Mr. Van Over's program. Frankly, we were stunned with the proffesionalism, customer service and the REAL systems that his program has to offer. Our trial location TRIPLED its revenue in the first year, results that we have never seen in our 30 years in the martial arts industry. And now all twelve of our locations operate Mr Van Over's program." - Bobby and Charlene Lawrence, Sal Lake City, Utah.

"My studio has had an increased gross revenue of $150,000 in just the first year of working with Barry Van Over. The systems are detailed and the customer service is AWESOME!" - Colby Winkler, Mankato, Minnesota

"There are three main reasons my school uses Barry Van Over's Martial Arts Management Groups consulting: 1. Systems. Their marketing, management program, and staff training are the best. My program director has ever been as efficient and signed up many new students or upgrades since he went through MAMG Program Director's College. 2 The Consulting. Mr. Van Over and Mr. Baker act with integrity and work hard to give their clients the best service possible. 3. We have more students and are making more money than ever before!" - Kaleb Plank, Bentonville, AR

"I am busy training and managing UFC fighters. Barry Van Over's Martial Arts Management Group has helped me organize, train, and hold my staff accountable with my business. Their children's program has helped me grow my school so that I am not just an MMA school anymore, but we still have GREAT MMA - the best of both! The MAMG systems have made all the difference in my business. I am now expanding to an 8000 sq ft state-of-the-art training facility." - Mike Constantino, Whippany, NJ