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Marketing and Sales Tip!  Mass Intro Close

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A 3 Step Social Media Customer Service Plan

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Evaluating Your Black Belt Training Program

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What Defines Martial Arts Business Success to You?

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More Programs Does Not Equal More Money

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Tips To Increase Your Studio's Merchandise Sales

Levels of Studio Staffing

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Income Responsible Staff Positions

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More Programs Does Not Equal More Money

Premier Success Formula Part Two: Education

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As we discovered true motivation is derived from results. This mean that many people begin striving for success in an area that they have an interest in, but not yet the true motivation to succeed. Their motivation comes from the image they see in their future of what their result could be. So their motivation to begin is a fictitious, false sense of motivation at best. This makes our next part of the Premier Success Systems even more important, Education. Education will deliver the real results to spark the true motivation necessary to achieve great success and propel a person’s achievement to amazing levels. Read More >>

Episode 66: Replacing My Instructor, Bonus Plans for Staff, 3 and 4 Year Olds HELP!, Time Management

Barry V's Mind Byte Episode 1: Where Are You, Where Are You Headed, and What's Your First Step

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The Importance of Using Student Membership Agreements In Your Martial Arts Studio!


We often try to think of the fastest, quickest way to get new students, but what we don’t often think of is the information we forget we need to make their experience as pleasant as possible. The way to do this is to provide the best service we can while teaching our classes, and to make their experience as smooth and convenient as possible when dealing with our billing company or any other companies involved with our school’s contract agreements. Read More >>

Risk Management - Student Agreements

#AskBarryV Show Episode 64: Working with your PTA, Money Down on Sign Ups, Mass Intros

Rotating Curriculum


Rotating Curriculum is a system designed to organize a school’s curriculum in a way that the curriculum is not tied to a certain belt rank, but is divided or grouped according to phases, levels, or different programs of training to black belt. Read More >>

Consistent Results vs Random Burst of Brilliance

#AskBarryV Show Episode 63: Rotating a form (kata) heavy curriculum - Facebook Marketing

The Importance of Building Rapport on the Floor

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I feel that the greatest strengths that any martial art school can have, is the quality of instruction that they offer to their students. Let’s face it, an instructor is only as good as their last class. Meaning that what ever perspective a student had when they left their last class, is the way they now feel about your school. Read More >>

Episode 62: SuperShow Special Edition: Best Retention Possible - and more!

Income Responsible Staff Positions

Episode 61: White Belt Buddy Bashes - Student Manuals - Why Use a Consultant or Mentor?

Are You Gambling with Your Martial Arts Business?


With a couple of good friends help, or should I say influence, I have acquired the interest, along with 80 million other Americans, in the game of poker. So before going playing on line or testing myself at a live table, I decided I should study up on the game and read a few poker books to become better at my new hobby. Read More >>>

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NEW Success Sessions - John Bussard

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You MUST have screwed something up….

You MUST have screwed something up….for that Prospect Not to have signed up! Let me start this column with the following statement for all owners, managers, and program directors, “Once a prospective student visits your studio, you almost have to screw something up for them not to sign up.” Read More >>>

#AskBarryShow Episode 58: I Think I need a Bigger School! - My Classes Seem Flat - Summer Camp Staffing - Handling Walk Ins When You are a One Man Show

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Black Belt Business - Episode 106 How to Handle Membership Freeze Request



Two farmers set up a fruit stand side by side at a weekend farmers market in sunny south Florida. Both farmers were selling apples. On the beginning of the second day, farmer John told farmer Bob how great his business has been so far. Read More >>

#ASKBARRYV SHOW - Episode 56: Summer Adult Promotion, How Can I Get More Paid In Fulls, and more!

Premier Success Formula Part Three: Visualization

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In our overview of the Premier Success Formula, so far we have gotten motivated, discovered the importance of receiving a true education and seeking the knowledge of others that have obtained the success we want. Now it is time to truly visualize exactly what we want. Read More >>

#AskBarryV Show Episode 55: Disgruntled Employee - Mass Intro Closing Problems - and More!


Martial Arts Studio’s Tips for Greater Retention

What if I told you that the success of your school could be determined by two physical objects right in your schools? These objects are not special and you probably overlook their importance all the time. Read More >>


Your Martial Arts School as a Center for Personal Development: Part One

The martial arts industry is growing and changing rapidly. Comparing our industry to that of our big brother, the health club industry, a billion dollar per year industry, and we are still babies but developing fast. Read More >>


Your Martial Arts School as a Center for Personal Development: Part Two

To implement the teaching of personal development, owners and instructors must recognize where the opportunities to teach mental benefits are in there daily operations of a martial arts center. We must take advantage of situations to highlight personal skills development, as well as be able to change challenging situations into opportunities to teach mental benefits. Read More >>


Martial Arts School Owner’s Must Do’s

Have an organized marketing campaign that is reviewed by the 15th of each month for the preceding month, insuring at least 5 marketing techniques are being used. There are two types of marketing for a martial arts school, mass marketing like TV, radio, newspaper, and direct mail and what I call extreme marketing, like door hanger, flyers, lead boxes, and referral campaigns. Read More >>


Martial Arts School Owners – DON’T DO’S

Sometimes we spend so much time planning and making sure we do the right things that we often overlook the things that we are doing, that we shouldn’t be. The following are a list of school owner Don’t Do’s. Read More >>

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Developing Your Martial Arts School to Be the Best it can Be

With all the revelations going on in the martial arts industry, new curriculums, marketing products, business systems, new and improved software, and even the organization of corporate chains of schools. Read More >>


Developing Your Martial Arts School to Be the Best it can Be Part Two!

With all the revelations going on in the martial arts industry, new curriculums, marketing products, business systems, new and improved software, and even the organization of corporate chains of schools. Read More >>

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When You Know You Are Doing All The Right Things!

Remember, when a parent takes the time out of their busy day to send an email like this, great things in a school are happening and many other parents feel the same way! Read More >>

Premier Success Formula Part Four: Determination

In our past discussion of the Premier Success Formula, you discovered what motivates you, you understand the need to seek a true education in the business of the martial arts, you can clearly visualize what you want to achieve and you know why you have the personal calling to achieve it. Read More >>

Premier Success Formula Part Five: Transformation

Congratulations! If you have been following the details of the Premier Success Formula, you have learned how to, or are ready to experience your transformation…..whatever the goal of your transformation happens to be. Read More >>


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