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THE SUMMER TRAINING SPECTACULAR is a series of extra training and or activity themes that you do the last 10 minutes of classes for the 8 weeks of summer. Each week the themes changes, so the students get really excited to attend each week to see what you have in store for them. 

Simply organize your themes and hand out a flyer at the beginning of the 8 weeks so the students know what great fun is headed their way this summer. 

Here are the themes I am using and some ideas for curriculum.

Week 1. Secret Ninja Training: Ninja vanishing technique - Side stepping as their opponent moves forward to a forward roll to suddenly disappear and pop up behind their opponent. 

Week 2. Air Force Training: Take to the air with their kicks - Running flying side kicks to the wave masters and pop up jumping front kicks.

Week 3. Dodge Ball Bonanza: Massive battle ball war.

Week 4. Nerf Wars: Each kid bring a nerf gun and 10 bullets. Line your wave master down the middle of the floor, putting each half of students on each side, and let them have at it!

Week 5. Board Breaking Week: Each child can break using their favorite technique. 

Week 6. UFC Mixed Martial Arts Training: Teach a stand up combo to a take down to a submission ie. Jab / cross to a double leg take down to guard pass to mount to arm bar.

Week 7. Relay Race Week: Divide your students up into teams, pick a captain, let the students name their team, (i.e. Sea Dragons or Crouching Tigers) and have them compete in different relay races. (Look up "Relay Races" on Google for ideas.

Week 8. Sparring Games: Do team sparring competition or play "King of the Hill" - first person to score a point wins and stays up to face next challenger and so on.

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