Experience + Choices

This past Saturday I was working out and due to a loooong week of work, I found myself thinking about cutting my training short and going home to chill for the weekend. But after fighting off these lazy urges, I decided to stick it out and actually had one of the best workouts in a long time.

It was a simple choice, to do what is best, seek a shortcut, or just don't do anything! My choice, my decision, and it would directly affect the fitness goals that I have set for myself. What kinda of person did I want to be this day, a goal getter, an achiever, or a wannabe that always take the easy path. This is a deep character trait that is the reason some people succeed and some people always fall short.

Success with fitness, our personal life or business often comes down to experiences and choices.

Sometimes we do not have the information, resources, or experience to make the right decisions. But we can find people with the experience to guide us. But it will be your choice to listen and act.

However when it comes to choices, sometimes we can't see the correct choice or we choose to ignore it right when it is in front of our face, often because it is out of our comfort zone or the choice involves too much pain for the amount of perceived pleasure that may be gained.

Your success in any endeavor is ultimately up to YOU. No one else is to blame for your lack of results and no one should get credit for the results you obtain, but YOU!

It's your choice to put that type of food and that quantity of it in your mouth and it's your choice to workout or not.

It's your choice of the business systems or the lack thereof, you choose to operate.

It's your choice how you spend your time.

It's your choice whether you seek to learn and grow.

It's your choice to make it happen.

And... it's your choice how long you wait and if you ignore real opportunity.