Martial Arts School Owner’s Must Do’s


The following is some important things that all successful school owners MUST DO!

Market your school


Have an organized marketing campaign that is reviewed by the 15th of each month for the preceding month, insuring at least 5 marketing techniques are being used. There are two types of marketing for a martial arts school, mass marketing like TV, radio, newspaper, and direct mail and what I call extreme marketing, like door hanger, flyers, lead boxes, and referral campaigns. Mass marketing is expensive, extreme marketing is labor intensive. Which method you use depends upon your cash flow and the quality of well trained staff that you have. The choice is yours. But one thing is for sure you must market.


Utilize an “X” pattern


Utilize an “X” pattern schedule to insure you have convenient classes available for all age groups. An “X” pattern schedule means that you provide a class for each child, of every age, and of every belt rank a couple of days a week before six o’clock pm and after six o’clock pm. One of the most common mistakes a school can make is to not offer a convenient schedule for non-working and working parents. Remember that working parents are the ones that can afford your lessons and they will have a hard time getting their children to your school before six o’clock.

Have Systems to communicate with your current students and prospects.


Most student problems and issues arise from two things, miscommunication or lack of communication. By setting information systems in place at your school you can educate your students on any new programs, events or changes that may be occurring at your school. Communication systems that should be implemented at your school include newsletters, phone procedures, website, and e-mails systems. Promotional materials that should be on hand to educate the benefits of your school to prospects are brochures, flyers, schedules, and business cards. Tools your school should use for students retention are good job cards, get well cards, thank you notes, and black belt excellence sheets, which are personal development homework assignments. Finally, a professional website can provide support for all of the above systems, but cannot replace them. Take time to effectively implement class management systems Implement class management systems that will insure that you retain your students through highly educational, motivating, benefit driven classes. Systems that will produce an excited, well educated martial artist and that will allow you to never teach the same class twice. Systems that are crucial for you to implement are rotating curriculum, A and B days, drills for skills, mat chats, instructor stations, and upgrade systems like black belt training, master’s club, and leadership programs. Do Disney If you notice at Disney World you will never see any trash, the place constantly looks spotless. This is because the staff is continuously cleaning, at all times. By keeping a clean, organized martial arts studio you are offering superior customer service and professionalism. You would not take your child to a learning center for professional tutoring, that was dusty, unorganized, with disgusting bathrooms, would you?

Organize a profitable Pro Shop


By keeping a clean well stocked pro shop, grouping your merchandise into equipment packages that support your upgrade programs, offering a “sale item of the month”, and teaching your staff to up sale, you can add $5,000 to $10,000 per month with a professional pro shop.  Start setting goals and driving your business through statistics Those that do not keep and analysis statistics, simply do not know where their business is headed. It would be like driving a ship without charts or a map, those owners are just floating around aimlessly. They can not make accurate important business decisions, and will never be able to set or obtain goals. An owner that can conduct what is “the business of martial arts” by signing up 20 new students, renewing 15 upgrades, selling 75% of all new and upgraded members an equipment package, and keeping their retention up to 80%, will change their financial future forever. This cannot be obtained without making important decisions and appropriate changes through statistical information.