Premier Success Formula Part Five: Transformation

Congratulations! If you have been following the details of the Premier Success Formula, you have learned how to, or are ready to experience your transformation…..whatever the goal of your transformation happens to be.

If you look up the word transformation in the dictionary, the first three definitions you get will be, 1. The act  or process of transforming. 2. The state of being transformed. 3. Change in form, appearance, nature, or character. The words used in these definitions, ACT, PROCESS, STATE, and CHANGE, really unveils the secret to not just your transformation, but to the entire Premier Success Formula. The secret is that…. transformation does not happen as a result of the first four parts of the formula, it happens in conjunction with the entire process!

Your transformation to success was taken place in every part of our formula. Beginning with the understanding of your true motivation, to when you sought out the education of your industry, during your visualization of what you want to achieve, and when you applied your determination during difficult times, your transformation was taking place every step of the way! Transformation is not an event. It does not just happen suddenly or overnight. You can’t gather around your friends and family to witness the transformation, or have a transformation party.

The transformation was occurring during all those decisions you made along the way, during the studying and planning, during the staff training sessions, and during the sleepless nights of excitement and anxiety. You were changing your current state when you were making all of those appointment calls, conducting countless intros, executing a promotional booth, and perfecting your enrollment conference. You were creating the process when you were performing school talks, checking your lead boxes, and teaching those high energy amazing classes.

Your transformation is so closely integrated with the entire success process that often you do not realize that it has taken place. However, that is when you have to add an ingredient that is not part of the formula, something that is too transparent to officially make part of our process, something that some people don’t have and can never find, and that is faith. Faith that your education will deliver you results, faith that you and your team are making the right decisions, faith in yourself and your ability that you are doing all that you can. Remember that you and the most successful human alive have one thing in common, and that is the number of hours in a day. But successful people utilize their time more efficiently, with a greater focus, and with the basic principles like the Premier Success Formula.

Transformation is the journey and the journey is the transformation, the journey to success, not an event that happens at the destination. And that my friends is the secret to success and happiness, enjoy the journey! Live in the NOW! Put away the past and all its baggage and negativity. Do not worry about the future, live and act totally in the NOW, lavishing and embracing the journey you have chosen to take. Understand that today, right now, as you read this, is where your transformation occurs. All the experience you gain, the people you meet, and the lessons you learn, is the real reward, the real success.

The journey is what makes us who we are. In business the journey is what creates our success. It would be nice to have the success fairy, or the latest greatest business guru drop the success kit by your business when he get off his speaking tour, but in reality only you can make your own success. You can seek knowledge, advise, mentorship, and role-model others. But when it comes to turning your dreams into reality and creating your transformation, the responsibility and the reward will be yours alone! Will you rise to the occasion, or settle into obscurity with so many others. Remember, the details, the how to’s, the day to days are the easy but important part, and are the fuel behind your transformation. The Premier Success Formula is meant to be a guide to focus your motivation, your knowledge that will be required, the inspiration that will lead you, and the determination that you will need, to bring you the transformation that you deserve.