Premier Success Formula Part Four: Determination

In our past discussion of the Premier Success Formula, you discovered what motivates you, you understand the need to seek a true education in the business of the martial arts, you can clearly visualize what you want to achieve and you know why you have the personal calling to achieve it. That is a great start! Now you will need to implement our next step if you plan on truly succeeding, Determination.

Determination is the ability to stay focused, work harder, and preserver when things get difficult. Murphy’s Law states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. And there is one thing for sure in the martial arts industry, things will go wrong. You will at some point find yourself over worked and often over-whelmed. You will experience times when a marketing idea does not produce your expected results. You will have to make important decisions about how to spend your money because there will not be enough. You will miss important goals. You will experience physical and mental exhaustion. And it is at these times you will need to use your determination to continue to fight the good fight. You will need to go back and review and remind yourself of your vision, getting re-motivated as to why this industry is so important to you. You will need to use your determination to push through these hard times and to refocus and recommit to your goals and aspirations.

BEWARE: There are a couple mindsets that can defeat and our determination. The first is the mindset that “I want it all now! It is the thinking from you seeing someone else’s results, but you not seeing their efforts, giving you the misconception that you can achieve their results fast! This thinking stops us from putting in the time, energy, and effort when things get tough. This all or nothing thinking causes many problems. We sometimes assume that the course we are on does not work and we stop or change directions, when it reality it was us that did not work. It puts us is in a destructive mode, in that if an action does not yield us great rewards, it is not worth doing. Signing up only one student from an action is not good enough. Checking for leads in all of those contest boxes is not worth it, implementing upgrade systems is too much trouble.

The next mindset that can kill our determination is “I am comfortable.” This is worse than

“I want it all now” because this thinking is self defeating in that a person looses determination because they are too comfortable with their current conditions to put out any further effort needed to take them to the next level. Basically this causes a person to adopt an attitude of,  I do not want to do THAT, (lead boxes, school talks, birthday parties, two lesson intros, or whatever THAT may be) because I comfortable and THAT would cause me too much discomfort and therefore it is not worth it. Now, most people with this mindset do not even realize they have it. It develops slowly as they experience the beginning level results / burnout affect, meaning that by the time they get tired and start to feel burnout, they have also experience enough results to feel relaxed and satisfied. This mindset will kill any determination needed to preserver through difficult times or to do what is necessary for true life changing success.

Successful studio owners understand that true success comes from using their determination to focus on the one step at a time principle. Successful owners look at the actions needed to complete their vision and understand that these actions must be implemented step by step, small individual victories at a time. They understand that through these small steps that they are building a true foundation that a successful studio can grow from. A great building is built one brick at a time, a great relationship is built one meaningful conversation at a time, a great company is built one sell at a time, a great martial art school is built one excited student at a time, as with any great achievement, they are all created one small step by another small step with motivate, dedication, and determination.