Premier Success Formula Part Three: Visualization


In our overview of the Premier Success Formula, so far we have gotten motivated, discovered the importance of receiving a true education and seeking the knowledge of others that have obtained the success we want. Now it is time to truly visualize exactly what we want.


Visualization is a very powerful tool. The old saying and lesson we teach our young martial art students, If you can see it, and you believe it, you can achieve it, it so true! Successful people do not achieve great things by accident. Successful people clearly see and define what they want. Many people cannot truly see and really do not know what they want. Sometimes people want success or achievement for all the wrong reasons. They want what others have, for money, image, status or ignorance. This lack of vision leads people to perform actions and task that will never allow them to reach their goals. This is a huge waist of energy, resources, time, life and dreams!

Everything we see in the world around us began in the thoughts, dreams, heart, soul and vision of someone. Maybe it started out as a dream, a talent, or a calling, and through passion, discipline, and desire, it became a reality. In other words, through true visualization of our desires, we can change invisible dreams into visible realities.

From the most success company, to the last student that signed up a martial arts studio, it all started sometime ago in the invisible world of a person’s thoughts. Every great business deal, successful advertising campaign, exciting martial arts class, to the quality of the last black belt you promoted, all begins in the vision you have of WHAT YOU WANT, WHY YOU WANT IT and HOW YOU SEE IT!

I hope I am not coming off too philosophical, this really is not that complicated, simply stated, until a person can truly know exactly what they want to achieve and why they what to achieve it, they will find it hard to recognize the correct actions that will lead to their goals. Their decision making will be poor because decisions will come from wrong reasons like, what is easiest, what is cheapest, what will cause the least amount of pain and discomfort, and even from ego and envy. This type of unfocused decision making too often leads to apathy, dissatisfaction, and failure.

Example, John Smith was a construction worker that had a love for the martial arts.  He had received his black belt and was a decent martial artist. When his instructor let it be known that he was looking to sell his studio, John saw this as an opportunity to do something cool for a living and his instructor said he could make a tons of money in the martial arts industry. So John got a small business loan and jumped in feet first into his new occupation. But with his only experience in teaching martial arts and owning a studio being from watching his instructor, and worse not really knowing why he wanted to be in our industry in the first place and not having a true passion and vision for our industry, John quickly returned to his day job and worked at his studio in the evening. After a year John became burnt out, lost all, if any motivation he had and closed his studio.

John’s mistake was that he had no clear vision of what he wanted to achieve and no understanding of why he wanted to own a martial arts studio. Was it because he thought he could make lots of money? Was it because he hated his job so bad that anything would have been better? Was it because of how owning a studio would make him feel about himself? Or was it simply because he jumped into something that he was not really prepared for and never sought out any guidance or help? Whatever the reason was, it was not the right reason and John had no vision for his new business.

Some of the happiest and most successful people do what they LOVE for a LIVING. They have turned their passions and desires into their occupation. This is because they clearly know what makes them fulfilled, they have a vision of exactly what they want and they take advantage of that opportunity everyday day.

Turning your desires and dreams into reality comes deep within each person. This is something that each person must search for themselves. But here are some questions to ask yourself to help you begin your journey.

Are you aware of what your true talents, desires, and passions are?

What do you see your life like in the three, five, ten, twenty years?

If you died today, what would your greatest achievement in life have been?

What makes you the happiest? AND WHY?