Premier Success Formula Part Two: Education

As we discovered true motivation is derived from results. This mean that many people begin striving for success in an area that they have an interest in, but not yet the true motivation to succeed. Their motivation comes from the image they see in their future of what their result could be. So their motivation to begin is a fictitious, false sense of motivation at best. This makes our next part of the Premier Success Systems even more important, Education. Education will deliver the real results to spark the true motivation necessary to achieve great success and propel a person’s achievement to amazing levels.

Knowledge is defined as expertise, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education. The correct knowledge of a subject is of course crucial to insure that a person performs the actions necessary to meet their goals and succeed. Knowledge can come from two sources, experience and education, education being in the beginning a quicker, more immediate, and sure path to success. This is mainly due in part because education provides the experience of others that have succeed before. Education provides a road map of the details, task, and actions that are required to succeed. Experience will later refine our education and make us even more efficient.

The problem that I see often in the martial arts industry is that some owners try to operate their business with experience that they really have not yet acquired, instead of obtaining a proper education of the business of the martial arts industry to be the bases of their future success. This situation does not set them up for success; it sets them up for failure. Would you hire someone to represent you in a legal action that never went to law school, they were learning on the job! You would let someone invest your money that had no knowledge of finances? Then why would you invest your money and you and your family’s future running a business in which you have no real education to do so.

Let’s say as a martial arts business owner you set a goal to develop an average monthly gross revenue of $40,000 per month. But you have not acquired the education to implement business systems that will allow you to enroll adequate amounts new students monthly, receive down payments on all membership, to receive 30 percent paid in full’s on new membership, to sell 100 percent of new members an equipment package, and to achieve the same with effective upgrade systems, then you will find it extremely difficult to reach this success goal.

Having the correct knowledge though a proper education in an area is the most efficient way to succeed at any task. Education helps us turn our invisible dreams into visible realities. My Premier Martial Arts organization is one of the largest, fastest growing chains of martial arts schools in the world and in only a very short time! This did not happen from our owners learning on the job. It did not happen though painful and never ending trial and error. It occurred though a real martial arts business education in proven systems.

And just as our Premier Success Formula dictates, from the proper education, and owner seeing timely results, true motivation has taken place, enabling owners to achieve success beyond what they thought was possible. Now our owners are setting new goals of higher gross revenues, larger student bodies, and many are opening up multiply locations.

To complete the education portion of the Premier Success Formula, find a company or organization that teaches systematic business practices of the martial arts industry, NOW! Do not wait! Competition in our industry is growing fast! You do not have time to procrastinate!  They are many great companies out there that can fill this requirement. Then, study, train, and role – model their information as if you were going to a University, because you are, The University of Financial Freedom through the Martial Arts!

Next, do exactly what their systems dictate, do not deviate, or try to re-invent, systems are systems for a reason, things all works together to get the best results. Finally, use your experience from implementing your new martial arts education to take your success to higher, more rewarding levels of achievement.