When You Know You Are Doing All The Right Things!

Hello Martial Arts Industry Friends,

Below is an email that a parent sent the manager of one of the Premier Martial Art schools in Tennessee. Here is why what we do works so well. Also here is why you should implement our complete systems. The comments made in the one simple email would not be possible without,

  • 1. Our class management system.
  • 2. Our instructor training.
  • 3. Basic Experience Program.
  • 4. And a great manager making sure that no details go overlook!

Remember, when a parent takes the time out of their busy day to send an email like this, great things in a school are happening and many other parents feel the same way!


Mr. Baker,

Just wanted to let you know that Kendall Sims will be out of town Friday, so he will miss graduation.

Also wanted to let you know, Bret and I are really happy w/ the training you provide at Premier. We’ve seen a big boost in Kendall’s confidence. The cardio bursts you’ve incorporated are great….and the kids are having a blast. The mat chats are awesome!

Kendall received a note in the mail from Mr. Koppel the other day. We stuck it on the refrigerator and then let him read it at the dinner table that night. His face just beamed. I wish you could have seen his face light up. That was a very nice touch!

Karen Sims