Your Martial Arts School as a Center for Personal Development: Part One

The martial arts industry is growing and changing rapidly. Comparing our industry to that of our big brother, the health club industry, a billion dollar per year industry, and we are still babies but developing fast. With some single schools grossing 100k per month and some martial art supplies companies grossing hundreds of millions per year, shows that our industry is becoming big business. As with any big business, once the investors on Wall Street notice our growth, they will see opportunity, and then things will get really exciting. For now the exciting part is that with any industry, the best time to invest is at the beginning point of major growth, right before the explosion. The martial arts industry is now at that critical point of growth and you should be investing in your schools. Your should be investing in the education that will allow your to be an instructor of personal development through the martial arts. The schools that will succeed and profit the most during our industries growth will be the ones that can have the greatest impact on their students and families lives. The ones that can change the way people feel about themselves, developing character and confidence in their members, and guide their members to be leaders in their community. The top schools in the country already realize this and are in the business of personal development through martial arts. Not just in the business of selling martial arts lessons. For any school and organization to grow with our industry in the future they must know how to and implement the instruction of personal development skills in their students. There are three main reasons to why it is important to effectively teach mental benefits to your students.


One, to empower your students lives through martial arts. This is why we should be in business in the first place. Weather we are building confidence through self defense, increasing a students concentration and focus, instilling discipline and respect to a troubled youth, or helping someone to live longer through physical fitness, we can have a tremendous impact on our students lives.

Two, so we can be seen as educators in our community. If we want the martial arts to be seen as more than just a sport or an activity, If we want to be respected like teachers or doctors, if we want to receive $175.00 per month for tuition, we have to been regarded as educators through martial arts.

Three, to re-sale, remind and re-educate your students and parents on the benefits of continuing to train at our school. Like any other business, we are only as valued as our clients perceive us to be at the moment. By routinely teaching and instilling personal development skills in our students, we can continuously remind the students and parents of why they came to train at our school in the first place. Some schools do not let the parents in the classroom to view the children’s classes. One of the best opportunities to remind the parents about your skills as an educator is to allow them to view your high energy, benefit driven classes. Put some chairs along the walls in your classes and watch your retention rate increase. Like many service industries, we are funded from the discretionary income of our clients. If finances get difficult for a student, and you are not having a personal impact on the student’s life, if you are seen to them as an activity, you will be the first service they cut out of their budget. If you want to upgrade your students to a different experience on their journey to their black belt, raise their price for tuition and have them commit to another three year program, then you must be able to re-sale your clients the benefits of your service by reminding them of your ability to educate and instill in them the skills of personal development.